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Division of ProKote International, Inc.

World  Headquarters

713 Shotgun Road

Fort Lauderdale, FL  33326 · USA

Phone: +1 954.389.9090

Fax: +1 954.389.5990


FAQ’s: Frequently asked Questions about BioWash

1. How do you wash a car without using water?

Our unique 2-in-1 process uses an exclusive polymer compound which encapsulates the dirt in a lubricant so that it can be removed without a scratch. All that is left behind is a polish residue which we remove with a soft cloth to reveal a waxed and protected surface.

2. I personally have not heard of BioWash. Is it a credible company?

Biowash has been extensively tested in over 30 countries worldwide. Especially in areas where water is scarce such as Australia, South Africa, the UK, and more. The company has  been featured in on NBC news, the New York Times, Telemundo 51 (Spanish TV), SunSentinel Front Page, and the Weston Gazette. Our corporate offices are located 5 minutes away from the Palace at Weston.

3. How much is a BioWash Service?

Our Standard & Most popular service costs $ 25.00. There is NO extra charge for SUV’s. We strongly enforce a No Tipping Policy. Service includes complete interior & exterior  car wash & polish service. Includes vacuuming,fragrance, tires, wheel,console cleaning. Full Detailing is also available upon request. However regular BioWash customers receive (1) Free Full Detail once per year as well as quarterly DiamondKote applications to protect & preserve the paint even more at no charge. No other company offers this.

4. Will I save money by using BioWash instead of a traditional car wash and or mobile car wash that uses water?

Yes, you will save money & time. Please call us directly and we will show you on paper how we save your hard earned money!

5. How long should I allow for an Biowash?

Our services vary from 30 minutes to over 2 hours – depending on the services performed and how many BioWash operators are working on your vehicle.

6. Where can I get an Biowash?

We are totally mobile so we come to you in our Hybrid Vehicles! A BioWash can be done anywhere . Either while you are at home in the Palace or  working. Simply call us directly a  954-682-8444.  You will speak directly with one of the owners.

7. I have paint protection, will a BioWash affect it?

A BioWash will actually enhance your paint protection. ecowash mobile also offer a paint protection service with a 5 year warrantly on new cars and a 3 year warranty on used cars. all our products have been tested with paint protection.

8. My car has window tinting, is that ok?

Absolutely! Our glass treatment is completely eco-friendly & safe to use on tinted windows.

9. Will it scratch my car?

ProKote Biowash is totally scratch free. Guaranteed.The products we use have a 15 year history in Europe and have been thoroughly tested. Our service is regularly used to clean and protect many luxury cars such as Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes-Benz,Lamborghini and Ferrari to name a few. The polymer in the product encapsulates the dirt and lifts it from the surface of your paint, is then safely removed with a clean cloth.

10. What if it rains just after my car has been Biowashed?

Since  BioWash doesn’t just wash, it also polishes and protects your car, when it rains the water will bead off the car.

11. How often should my car be Biowashed?

Depending on how often you use your car, we recommend Biowashing every 2-3 weeks . For those who like their cars BioWashed every week, this would be possible as well.

12. I've noticed that my car has 'feather like' scratches in the paintwork - what causes these?

Spraying a car with water only removes some of the superficial dirt, but small particles of dirt remain adjacent to the surface of the paint. Rubbing a sponge or a chamois over your paint actually grinds this dirt into your paint – this is what causes “feather scratches”.
Most cars have feather scratches when they have been cleaned using traditional water washing methods. A Biowash uses an exclusive polymer compound which encapsulates the dirt and lubricates the panel so that we can remove the dirt with our cleaning cloth without scratching. Regular biowashing not only makes any feather scratches less visible, the protective coating applied during the Biowash process actually reduces the damage that dirt, and even traditional water washing, can do to your paint for up to 6 weeks.

13. My car’s just been Biowashed. It is so clean and shiny. What do I do now?

Relax, enjoy the ride in your clean and protected car. Feel good, not only have you saved water , but  you’ve also got more time to do the things you really like to do!
Book your next BioWash and tell your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues about Biowash. As a special incentive for referring your friends & family, we will discount an additional 15% off your next service.